ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital to transform underpenetrated orthopaedic care

The hospital aspires to deliver high quality and timely musculoskeletal care to its patients

by AUFA MARDHIAH / Pic courtesy of Rantau Goblin PR

TE ASIA Healthcare Partners Pte Ltd has launched Malaysia’s first single-specialty orthopaedic hospitals, ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital (ALTY), aimed at transforming the underpenetrated orthopaedic healthcare sector in Malaysia.

“The official launch of ALTY in Malaysia marks a new era for the orthopaedic healthcare segment, not only in Malaysia but the region. TE Asia has always championed quality and accessible healthcare through our other single-specialty partners,” TE Asia group CEO Eng Aik Meng said during the hospital launch today.

The establishment of ALTY is a group practice that caters towards orthopaedic patients from equipment, facilities, doctors, as well as nurses who are orthopaedic based.

“Even so, it does not mean that ALTY is taking over the role of general hospital — ALTY specifically provides doctors and medicines to treat orthopaedic cases with a timely treatment,” he said.

Meanwhile, ALTY chairman Assoc Prof Dr G Ruslan Nazaruddin Simanjuntak said ALTY aspires in delivering high quality and timely musculoskeletal care to its patients.

“Although orthopaedics does not result in death such as heart disease, bone disease must not be ignored especially for those aged 60 and above. ALTY highlights the awareness of bone care in the early stages because bone disease may lead to disability,” he added.

With the investment of RM15 million to acquire and provide advanced imaging systems for accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic conditions, ALTY has introduced some of the first technologies of its kind in Malaysia, namely ESAOTE tilting MRI that allows a patient to be positioned in a supine (lying down) or weight-bearing (standing up) position, where the device can rotate a patient from zero to almost 90 degrees.

Meanwhile, ALTY director Anwar Anis said the hospital is a referral centre for orthopaedic cases and receives referred patients from other hospitals for surgical as well as diagnostic.

“Last year, ALTY received patients from the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) hospitals and the surgery was performed by Dr Ruslan himself.

“This year, we have also suggested to MoH that if there is an opportunity, ALTY is always ready to help with orthopaedic cases as it is also understood that there is currently still a waiting list at MoH for knee replacement and hip replacement.

“In addition to surgical treatment, ALTY has put forward proposals for MRI and EOS technology to assist MoH. On top of that, we have also received patients from the National Sports Institute and other clinics for imaging services due to advanced technology that we provide,” he said in the press conference after the launch.