Super League: Melaka United collect three points with 2-0 victory over Selangor FC

MELAKA United FC managed to collect three points after beating Selangor FC 2-0 in the sole Super League match at Hang Jebat Stadium last night.

Both teams started off the match probing each other for potential weaknesses to exploit, and hosts Melaka United’s diligence paid off in the 39th minute when Ifedayo Olusegun tucked in the ball in front of goal courtesy of Sony Norde fast footwork that laid Selangor’s defence bare.

The Red Giants were stunned by the goal and tried to equalise, coming close in the 41st minute through a freekick by Muhammad Mukhairi Ajmal, which unfortunately sailed to the right of the goal.

In the second half, Selangor continued looking for an equaliser, with Brendan Gan, Herlison Caion, Muhammad Mukhairi and Quentin Cheng all working hard and creating chances.

But it was Melaka United that managed to capitalise by launching a blitz into enemy territory as they counterattacked, and Ifedayo was on target to send the hosts up 2-0 in the 57th minute.

The win means that Melaka United is now 8th in the league with 11 points, just below 7th placed Selangor. — Bernama