Ailee Putra scores at Malaga City FC Academy

KUALA LUMPUR – Playing against a famous football team in Spain is one of the sweetest experience for the country’s young player, Allee Putra Azril (picture) during his two years of ‘tutelage’ at Malaga City FC Academy.

In fact, the Bachok-born player who has been training there since the age of 15, also had the opportunity to compete with the Spanish Under-17 squad in a friendly match.

He said all the exposures, including the opportunity to enjoy the best facilities while undergoing training there, fueled his enthusiasm to work harder to improve the quality of the game in pursuit of his ambition to become a professional player.

“The opportunity to play with major LaLiga (Spanish League) clubs is my immediate ambition, win or lose is another story but to play there in a world class facility it’s already like an honour and privilege to me,” he told a news conference in here, today.

The midfielder said playing with his teammates comprising local and international players helped him further develop his performance and skills, especially in terms of physical, mental and ball control techniques.

However, Ailee who dreamed of playing with Spanish giant, Real Madrid, admitted that Asian players face great challenges in terms of acceptance by European and international players there.

“They (European and international players) look at Asian players to be lacking compared to them especially in terms of physical and mental aspects, but I am friendly with my friends at the academy so they do not insult me,” said Ailee who is known as Thiogo there.

In the meantime, Allee said the ‘bitter’ experience during his travels in Spain was not being able to return home and enjoy budu which is one of his favorite dishes, but with the determination and support of his family, he managed to overcome it.

Therefore, he advised the young players who intend to play abroad not to be afraid to take risks and use the opportunity to gain as much valuable experience to share with the national squad.

Allee is expected to return to Spain next month to continue training and eyes the opportunity to join a major club in LaLiga after being among the 14 best players of Malaga City FC Academy to be offered a full scholarship for the 2022-2023 season.

For the record, Allee joined Malaga City FC Academy in 2020 with the support of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and Kelantan Football Association (KAFA). – Bernama