NZ will reopen to Malaysian students starting August

NEW Zealand will reopen to students from all over the world in August, including Malaysia, its 10th-largest source country for international students.

Education New Zealand (ENZ) joined Penang’s DISTED College to mark the milestone and 65 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations, with an event attended by New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia Pam Dunn and Chief Minister of Penang Chow Kon Yeow.

Speaking at the event, Chow highlighted the importance of ensuring Malaysians have access to diverse education options that broaden their prospects as global citizens.

“The higher education sector plays an invaluable role in realising Malaysia’s targets of becoming a high-income nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dunn said that New Zealand is delighted to be physically reconnecting with the world and reigniting the international education sector, which was the country’s fourth largest export before the pandemic hit.

“New Zealand has welcomed students from Malaysia since the 1950s. We know the presence of international students on our campuses enriches both the educational environment and student life,” she added.

“As we reopen to international visitors in the weeks ahead, we look forward to reconnecting and celebrating old and new education partnerships with our many friends and colleagues in Malaysia.”

Over the past two years, ENZ has focused on sustaining its global reputation through educational and research partnerships, as well as leveraging digital tools to maximise learning experiences.

In Malaysia, this includes a programme launched by DISTED College in collaboration with the University of Canterbury (UC), which allows eligible DISTED College students to apply for a one-year advanced standing into UC’s Bachelor of Commerce degree. In addition, students can enter other UC programmes, including Engineering and Science, via a range of pre-university programmes offered by DISTED College.

Chow further said cross-border collaborations like these, which allow students to begin their studies closer to home before seamlessly transitioning to a higher degree in New Zealand, significantly lower the cost and broaden the range of bachelor degree opportunities for Malaysian students.

DISTED College CEO Brian Imrie, who is a New Zealander himself, said he places high value on the opportunity UC presents to international students looking to explore the world and help solve future global challenges.

DISTED College students who had the opportunity to study at UC under a previous arrangement returned to Malaysia enthusiastic about their enhanced student experience and the broad career opportunities it opened for them, Imrie said.

“The DISTED College and UC partnership is one of many that underscores New Zealand’s long-standing relations with Malaysia and aims to encourage deeper cross-cultural awareness and friendship between the two nations.”

Malaysia is one of New Zealand’s oldest and closest diplomatic partners in South-East Asia and the education partnership between the two countries has only continued to strengthen since the establishment of the Colombo Plan in 1951. — TMR / Pic by DISTED College’s Faceboook