MPO uniting composers from Malaysia, Singapore and S. Korea

ONE night only! A special chamber concert featuring works by composers from three Asian countries at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, July 22.

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) presents, for the first time, a concert that will unite a plethora of compositional talents from Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, in celebration of three contrasting cultures and exchanging of musical ideas.

Themed “Three Nations Chamber Concert”, the showcase is a result of MPO’s pioneering collaboration with the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC), the Asian Composers League (South Korea) and the Composers Society of Singapore. The artistic advisor for the concert is MPO’s resident conductor Gerard Salonga, who will be leading the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Ensemble.

Featuring 9 Asian composers, the concert is a result of MPO’s pioneering collaboration with the MCC, the Asian Composers League and the Composers Society of Singapore

From Malaysia, the works to be performed are “Jalinan”, composed by Adeline Wong who was inspired by Islamic call to prayer or “azan”; “Fragments 1” by Ainolnaim Azizol , which was written for the 2014 Asian Composers League Young Composers Competition in Japan; and “Ada Angin Bertiup” by Johan Othman, which he closely associates with the idea of the wind and the spirit.

From South Korea, “6 Moment musicaux” was composed by Chung Seung Jae, a work with six musical ideas of its own distinctive characteristic, “Echoes from An Old Tree” by Kyungmee Rhee, which depicts how people’s lives are in comparison to nature; and “Remnants” by Sunyeong Pak.

From Singapore, “Distancing Etude” by Hoh Chung Shih is a work that expresses the social conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic; “smidgen(S)” by Emily Koh, a short musical on spices in the composer’s kitchen; and “Petals in the Sun” by Elliot Teo, which is inspired by a Filipino artist’s painting. 

MPO brings a new meaning to trilateral cooperation with this one-of-a-kind musical performance from three countries, only at DFP!

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