Ukraine’s entry to NATO will pave way for WWIII, says Dr Mahathir


FORMER Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (picture) warned that the war between the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Russia will erupt into World War III (WWIII) and nuclear weapons will be used.

In a statement today he said that both parties are unlikely to surrender, deeming that Europeans again will destroy the world.

“One of the agreements between the NATO countries is that an attack on one would be regarded as an attack against all of the NATO countries.

“What is the implication in the present situation? Ukraine is not yet a member. If Russia attacks, Nato is not obliged to wage war against Russia. On the other hand, if Ukraine is accepted as a member of NATO, an attack by Russia would result in war with NATO,” Dr Mahathir said.

The Langkawi MP also shared how the Western alliance has been enemies with the Russians since Germany’s defeat in WWII.

The European nations and the US have set up an alliance to defend themselves against the Soviet Union (an alliance of Eastern Bloc nations), which was formed by Russia from the Warsaw Pact.

This resulted in the Cold War between NATO and the Eastern alliance respectively attempting to get the countries of the world to join the Western countries or the Eastern “Communist” blocs.

“Eventually the Russians realised the futility of the confrontation between the two blocs.

“Under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Warsaw Pact was disbanded and the Soviet Union was allowed to break up. Many communist countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia became independent,” he added.

NATO also reached out their membership to former Warsaw Pact countries except for Russia, which military has been weakened after the Soviet Union broke up.

Therefore, Dr Mahathir said that Russia has decided to rearm when NATO’s member nations recruited more members from those that were close to Russia.