New ceiling price of chicken at RM9.40 from Friday

PUTRAJAYA — The Cabinet today decided to continue providing subsidy for chicken and not to float its price, capping the retail price of standard chicken at RM9.40 per kilogramme in Peninsular Malaysia effective July 1.

The Cabinet also agreed to fix the retail ceiling price of grade A chicken eggs at 45 sen each, grade B eggs at 43 sen each and grade C eggs at 41 sen each in Peninsular Malaysia, also effective July 1.

Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said in a statement that the government had allocated a subsidy of RM369.5 million for chicken and chicken eggs, bringing the total amount spent on subsidies to RM1.1 billion since Feb 5.

Previously, the government set the maximum retail price of chicken for Peninsular Malaysia at RM8.90 per kg for standard chicken and RM9.90 per kg for super whole chicken (slaughtered and cleaned without legs, head, liver and gizzard).

The maximum price of grade A chicken eggs was previously set at 43 sen each, grade B eggs at 41 sen each and grade C eggs at 39 sen each. 

Ronald said the decision was taken after taking into account the Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM)  announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob recently, through cash assistance initiatives including additional cash aid to the B40 group and some of the M40 group.

According to him, some 8.6 million BKM recipients have been approved with households to receive up to RM2,600 this year, which is the biggest aid ever given by any government. 

The increase in prices of goods is an issue that is not just happening in Malaysia, but is a global phenomenon due to the supply chain disruption triggered by geopolitical conflict and climate change, he said.

“Nevertheless, the government is trying its best to set a price control mechanism to ensure the Malaysian Family is not burdened by the challenges of the cost of living,” he added. — BERNAMA