Malaysia to launch Measat-3d satellite to provide better Internet facilities


MALAYSIA will be launching a new satellite named “Measat-3d” tomorrow at 6.03pm, which will improve Internet facilities and allow faster downloading.

The satellite will be launched from French Guiana, South America, where it will be placed into an elliptical orbit around the Earth at 36,000km above the Equator. 

The satellite will be used for telecommunication, broadcasting and remote sensing, among others.

Starting from August 2022, there will be more improvements in the Internet services, with the possibility of reaching 100Mbps download speeds, allowing the streaming of 4K and 8K videos. 

This is possible due to the increased bandwidth provided by the satellite.

The Measat-3d satellite is a type of geostationary equatorial orbit. It has a wide coverage area and is capable of providing fast broadband services and supporting high data streams, known as High Throughput Satellite (HTS). 

HTS is a key part of providing high-speed broadband services, especially in rural areas.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the new satellite will help close the digital connectivity gap and shape a better future for all Malaysians in terms of connectivity.

“With stable and fast Internet access, Malaysians can reap numerous socio-economic benefits, such as participation in e-Commerce activities and digital learning.

“We hope that the new satellite will be able to reach out to those who have been left behind in terms of Internet connectivity,” he said in a statement today.

He also said when the new satellite is launched, Malaysia will be able to strengthen its presence in the digital age by using fixed line, mobile and satellite technologies without putting any group of people in the country at a disadvantage.

“In line with the government’s initiative through the National Digital Network plan, Measat-3d can bridge the digital connectivity gap and shape a better connectivity future for all Malaysians by expanding high-speed Internet coverage in disconnected rural areas to achieve 100% Internet connectivity, which enables the people to enjoy the Internet facilities better,” he added.

Annuar also mentioned that Malaysia aspires to become a high-tech nation, and this is evidenced by the launch of seven satellites since the Measat-1 satellite in 1996.

This includes communications satellites offering broadcasting and telecommunications services, remote sensing satellites, and other satellite applications involving the research and development sector of the space technology industry.