Landing a job interview in Germany is all about your headshot

JOB seekers hoping to land work in Germany could see their chances determined by practices that have long been considered outdated in other countries.

A survey of HR representatives and hiring managers at German firms showed that more than half considered including a photo important, according to recruitment website Indeed. One in five said they wouldn’t consider an applicant who didn’t provide one.

Not listing a date and place of birth would prompt 23% of the surveyed recruiters to disqualify them, the Indeed report said, and 13% considered providing information on citizenship a must. Some 8% said they ignore CVs that don’t include how many children an applicant has, even though it’s illegal to ask for such information.

“In many other countries, especially in Anglo-American-speaking countries, anonymous applications are already standard to enable equal opportunities in the application process,” said Annina Hering, economist at Indeed Hiring Lab. “Germany’s HR departments are still lagging behind these developments.”

Given the country’s shortage of skilled labor, Hering cautioned it’s “more important than ever to review application processes and open them to a wide variety of candidates.” — Bloomberg