Clean your own backyard first before thinking of cleaning up others’


IT IS common knowledge that the coming general election (GE) is very much going to be similar to a game of roulette.

No single political party can command the majority, and a government can only be formed following certain agreements between the majority winning party and the smaller ones.

Hence, this is where the tricky part comes in as the majority winner must be very cautious and sure of whom they form partnerships with.

I was surprised to read a report yesterday where the Bersatu (Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia) Ampang chief Mohd Isa Mohd Saidi can actually “threaten or advise” our prime minister (PM) with regards (to) Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin’s Cabinet position.

Mohd Isa had the audacity to say that Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob must sack a minister from Umno if he was to retain Zuraida.

Is Mohd Isa blind or simply oblivious? Everyone knows Bersatu is a party with the greatest number of underperforming ministers and yet he dares to throw this statement at our PM.

Can anyone tell me what ministers from Bersatu have contributed to the nation?

There is no need for us to mention names here as everyone knows the likes of Doraemon and gang. Even the minister embroiled in a sex scandal from Bersatu has yet to publicly clear his name.

The stronger, more credible political parties need to be very cautious of these wolves in sheep clothing who will do anything to seek an alliance and ride through the GE.

The next GE must serve as a cleansing process for us voters, and we must make sure we get rid of all the non-performers.

Whether our PM should retain Zuraida or not is his sole discretion, and he can base it on her performance record.

I am sure Ismail Sabri does not need a Bersatu division leader to tell him what to do.

Clean your own backyard first before you even think of trying to clean up others.

Ir Abdul Rahim Hussein
Shah Alam