Boat Noodle plans to open 150 franchises over 5 years

This business plan allows Malaysians living in smaller towns or Felda settlements some business opportunities while bringing the brand to a wider audience and network nationwide

by SHAFIQQUL ALIFF / pic credit: Boat Noodle FB

BOAT Noodle has launched its first franchise outlet in partnership with Koperasi Pekerja Felda Malaysia Bhd (KOGUNA), as part of a greater plan to award franchises to 150 outlets in five years. 

The programme is aligned with its business plan of equipping Malaysians, especially those living in smaller towns or Felda settlements, with business opportunities and bringing the Boat Noodle experience to a wider audience and network nationwide.

Boat Noodle founder and CEO Tony Lim Chin Hau said the franchise business model is a new shop-lot concept developed by Boat Noodle because of the changes the pandemic had brought, and to coincide with the post-pandemic reopening to the economy.

“We would like to work together with more Malaysians, especially from the smaller towns who aspire to own their business by providing them the strategic tools to realise their dream.

“Having said that, the Boat Noodle brand is no stranger to many Malaysians. With brand familiarity and loyalty as well as proper guidance, our franchise owners may enjoy the fruits of their labour from 24 months onwards in running the franchise business. 

“We truly hope to establish a long-term partnership with KOGUNA to open more Boat Noodle stores together,” he said in a statement.

Boat Noodle obtained the franchise license in 2021 and the company has been welcoming Malaysian companies and corporations to join its franchise business model. 

Through the franchise business model, Boat Noodle has successfully opened nine franchise outlets in the last six months.

KOGUNA chairman Safie Muda said the partnership came at an opportune time as the pandemic has brought unique changes to the economic recovery and sustainability. 

“It is great to see Boat Noodle extending business opportunities to the Felda beneficiaries, especially for the younger generation as they are essential to the nation’s economic development and growth. 

“This is in tandem with KOGUNA’s main function of delivering our investments for greater return for our members and having been shown Boat Noodle’s expansion plan, we are confident to see the potential return of investment that will suit our investment plan,” Safie said.