Search plans Konsert Endemik tour after successfully rocking Zepp KL 

by HAZATUL SYIMA HARON / Pic by Saiful Chin

LEGENDARY Malaysian rock group Search plans to bring its successful Konsert Endemik for a tour across Malaysia, while looking at the possibility of going beyond our shores to the global stage.

Its main vocalist Amy said: “We are confident that our Konsert Endemik has set a benchmark for upcoming concerts held during the endemic phase in Malaysia and the region. 

“InsyaAllah (God willing), our Konsert Endemik will tour across Malaysia with the possibility of bringing it beyond our shores, to a global stage.”

The still energetic 63-year-old frontman thanked fans for supporting the band’s journey since the beginning, including its latest epic concert held at the newly-launched Zepp Kuala Lumpur (Zepp KL) on June 4-5. Konsert Endemik at Zepp KL proved Malaysia’s rock legends Amy, Nasir, Hillary Ang and Man Kidal still have what it takes with their energetic, non-stop two-hour performance for two nights in a row. 

Diehard fans were treated to their latest singles, “Endemik I” and “Endemik II”, as well as signature hits such as Isabella, “Fantasia Bulan Madu” and “Rozana”. Search also featured songs rarely performed live — such as “Nigina” and “Diari Habil dan Qabil” — delighting the throng of fans filling up every corner of Zepp KL, proving again that they are rock n roll royalty in the country and South-East Asia.

Konsert Endemik at Zepp KL proved Amy, Nasir, Hillary Ang and Man Kidal still at the top of their game with their energetic, non-stop 2-hour performance for 2 nights in a row (Pic by Saiful Chin)

The iconic rock band was the first to perform a solo concert at KL’s newest international standard concert hall, as well as among the first to showcase a large-scale concert during the endemic phase.

Event organiser LOL Asia head executive officer Rizal Kamal said Search’s status as Malaysia’s No 1 rock band paired with world-class facilities at Zepp KL are among the main factors why tickets for Konsert Endemik were sold out for both nights.

“Featuring an exceptional line-up consisting of Malaysia’s rock music icons Amy, Nasir, Hillary and Man Kidal, Search was also accompanied by expert musicians Genervie (keyboards) and Arthur Kam (drums) — known as Malaysia’s best sessionists. The sibling duo are sought-after by artistes from all across the globe due to their skills in music performance and direction. 

“On the technical side, we invited local and international experts such as Akira Yamauchi — a well-known sound engineer, to make sure that the sound quality of Konsert Endemik during both nights are at the highest level.”

Meanwhile, the band’s impeccable fashion sense at the concert was credited to stylist Jiman Casablancas. 

Jiman shared: “Fashion is one of the elements that is important for Amy and his bandmates, and he is always aiming for a style that is more fashion forward.”

The stylist collaborated with Kit Woo and Wardrobe Privato to bring to life the band’s vision, completed by Search’s grooming team headed by Khir Khalid, in collaboration with David Shaw, Jijie Zainal and Kasih Cicie.