P-hailing riders want better compensation, flexibility

Foodpanda continues to work closely with its riders across the South-East Asia region over their welfare


FOOD delivery platform Foodpanda has acknowledged its riders’ concerns including those related to compensation and higher flexibility.

Foodpanda regional CEO Jakob Angele said Foodpanda riders’ welfare remains a crucial topic alongside its customers and vendors.

“In the three-sided marketplace, namely the restaurants, the customers and the riders are important to us,” Angele said at a virtual media session today.

According to him, the company continues to work closely and remains engaged with its riders across the South-East Asia region.

“The recurring concerns we get from them are fair compensation and more flexibility in their job requirements,” he said.

Foodpanda saw this feedback as the sign to build a technology that will allow riders to deliver orders and operate more efficiently.

“We want to provide a very good earning opportunity for them for every single hour they decide to work with Foodpanda,” he added.

On their request for better flexibility, he noted that some riders use the Foodpanda platform for side income, while for others it is their main job.

“We want to support both types of riders, those who do it full time as well as those who require more flexibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, Foodpanda said they were keen to collaborate with the government in the food safety initiative.

“Food safety is always a major concern. For example, the timeline of delivering less durable or easily spoiled foods.

“Better food safety, in general, helps the food delivery industry because it builds trust and confidence in our consumers,” he further said.

Yesterday, the Health Ministry revealed its plans to improve Malaysia’s food safety authority to eradicate fraud in food preparation.