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Yayasan Hasanah disbursed more than RM550m in FY21


YAYASAN Hasanah, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, has announced the distribution of RM554 million through intervention programmes which reached 1.48 million individuals in Malaysia last year.

Of the intervention programmes, RM141.33 million was spent for its financial year 2021 (FY21) which encompasses the Yayasan Hasanah Grant (RM122.91 million), capital and operational expenditure (RM11.87 million), and disaster management and humanitarian assistance (RM6.55 million).

For Yayasan Hasanah’s segmental impact, education areas received RM86.75 million for government schools’ transformation (RM10 million), local talent development (RM54 million), other civil society organisation (CSO) leadership education initiatives (RM1.26 million) and Yayasan Hasanah/Khazanah support for CERDIK (RM21.49 million).

For arts, heritage and culture (AHC), Yayasan Hasanah channelled RM1.91 million grant — instilling the spirit of love of AHC through early education (RM0.12 million), conservation of AHC assets (RM0.09 million), art for the community during a pandemic (RM0.02 milion) and Art for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) (RM1.67 million).

Meanwhile, the initiatives for nature encompasses conservation of forest reserves, freshwater and marine ecosystems (RM4.39 million) and the green agenda through environmental education (RM0.11 million).

Community development areas on the other hand received a total of RM2.74 million for community survival initiatives (RM2.72 million CSO and social services for those who are at risk (RM0.02 million).

For knowledge, Yayasan Hasanah has channelled RM6.76 million for initiatives including evidence-based studies to support national policy (RM6.5 million) and basic studies and research for Yayasan Hasanah’s area of focus (RM0.26 million).

Other Yayasan Hasanah’s impact area includes public space with RM8.83 million channelled for the provision of safe and easily accessible public places, capacity development of RM0.47 million for the partner’s initiative development and RM10.95 million Khazanah Special Grant 2020/2021 for Covid-19 related initiatives.

Speaking at the launch, Yayasan Hasanah’s director Datuk Shahira Ahmed Bazari said yesterday that among the collaborations reported was the Malaysian Economic and Citizen Protection Assistance Package (Permai), implemented by the government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, safeguard the welfare of the people and assist in business continuity.

“RM25 million has been allocated by the government for the government-linked companies (GLCs) Disaster Response Network and government-linked investment companies — Hasanah has channelled RM16.5 million to 32 GLCs and corporate organisations under a matching grant, which reached 200,000 recipients.

“Yayasan Hasanah also highlighted its role in the CERDIK initiative to address the digital learning gap for 150,000 students in primary and secondary schools in Malaysia, as well as its involvement to drive the adoption of digital learning methods in the future,” she said.

Through the Prihatin initiative by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Yayasan Hasanah has distributed more than RM20 million through the Hasanah Special Grant 2021which has been benefitted by 40 projects reaching 37,600 individuals across the globe layers of vulnerable groups, including low-income below 40% communities, indigenous people, seniors, homeless people, individuals tapa citizenship or undocumented, children at risk, women, youth and those with disabilities.

In addition, Yayasan Hasanah has also channelled RM44 million to address the problem of basic food shortages by distributing cash food aid through the Pemerkasa programme — 137,273 individuals nationwide have received benefits to ensure their basic food needs are met for three months.

Among the projects that were shared during the launch of the Hasanah Report is the establishment of Alternative Secondary School Assessment for students with special needs throughout the country; PINTAR-UTAR Mental Health Programme 3.0 to educate teachers on mental health problems faced by students in Miri, Sarawak, in collaboration with the Orang Asal community in Pos Poi, Perak for promoting sustainable bamboo harvesting; and the efforts of the Malaysian Tuntung Kura-Kura and Penyu Conservation Association in empowering women entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with MoF, the foundation is also looking for applicants for the Hasanah Special Grant Programme 2022, and has received applications for grants worth RM100 million to be channelled this year.  Those who are interested may apply at

Shahira also informed that the foundation is targeting around 180 to 200 NGOs to apply for the special grant before the closing date on June 30, 2022.

In addition, applications for ArtFAS funds for AHC activists will also be open from June 1 to July 17, 2022. Meanwhile, the Social Enterprise “Seed & Growth” Fund Grant 2022 will be opened starting from July 15 to 30 July this year.

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