Do not hold our PM to ransom by threatening to withdraw support 

by AZURA MOHD ISHAM / graphic by TMR

NO POLITICAL party in the country should try to hold the prime minister (PM) to ransom by threatening to withdraw support if they don’t get their way.

It is highly unethical and unbecoming, and something our premier should not give in to.

Rumours are circulating that a certain political party is threatening to withdraw support for our PM if it does not get its way following the recent resignation of Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin from Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

As a keen political observer, I believe the PM would want continuity and stability at a time like this and not to rock the boat. 

Whatever decision he makes with regards to Zuraida’s Cabinet position must be accepted by all in good faith and no one should hurl threats.

How much support does this political party actually have? 

After all, they had their chance and did not live up to expectations. Why should they be given a second chance when there are so many other alternatives?

Will so many non-performers in their fold, does the leadership of this particular party believe these ministers will follow suit?

If these non-performers were to give up their ministerial positions, there is certainly no way they will ever regain it. 

So, will they play ball with the leadership?

Also, if this particular party pulls support for our PM, what will our dearest King have to say?

At a time when the nation is just recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, surely our King would not want to appoint a new PM.

The most likely thing would be for the formation of a unity government, which many welcome.

There are no reasons Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob needs to bend backwards and give in to these threats by this certain political party.

Why was Zuraida so brave to resign in the first place? Why should she risk her ministerial position?

From a layman’s view, she did the right thing. She wanted a multi-racial platform to fight for what she strongly believes in — women and youth empowerment.

She was willing to take the risk because she is confident of her track record and did not want to hang on just for the sake of power.

We urge our PM to stand strong and not give in to any threats by irresponsible quarters who only have their self-interests at heart.

We, the voters, want continuity and for the country to continue on its road to recovery — not some greedy, selfish politicians.

Azura Mohd Isham
Subang Jaya