Zuraida is about women, youth and multi-racialism

pic by TMR FILE

FOR those who know Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin (picture) well, her recent decision to join Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) would come as no surprise.

From the time I knew her, she has always shared her aspirations that we need to tap the potentials of women and youth towards a stronger, more liberal society. One that pays heed to the voices of women and youth with regards to the formulation of national policies and decisions.

The reason being, Zuraida has always been a strong advocate for the rights and equal opportunities for women and youth, across all platforms, including politics.

It is because of her firm and unwavering believe in fighting for the rights of the weaker ones, that she made this bold, unselfish decision.

There is no other reason for her to make such a move and jeopardise her ministerial position, something that no other minister would ever do.

What she did has drawn even more respect from me that she was willing to make changes and sacrifices to fight for what she truly believes in.

She wants to empower women and youth from all races, religions and walks of life, which is something she can achieve using a multi-racial platform such as PBM.

Zuraida is also a very prominent leader outside Malaysia and is also the Women Political Leader’s (WPL) Country Ambassador for Malaysia, a position she has held since 2018.

During the WPL summit in Iceland three years ago, she spoke strongly for the rights of Malaysian girls and women.

We know her as a no-nonsense minister when it comes to be dedication and commitment for her ministry, and has worked hard to promote local commodities and open new markets.

We believe she is a leader with the calibre and drive to fill the void of women leadership in the country, while also playing a key role in shaping the younger generation for the future.

Voon Shiak Ni
Sarawak social activist