vimigo, Huawei collaborate to accelerate SMEs digital transformation

The partnership will mainly focus on the deployment of digital transformation resources of SMEs in Malaysia in creating a digital business network platform

by TMR / pic credit: Huawei Malaysia

HUAWEI Malaysia and vimigo recently signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic cross-border collaboration to accelerate the transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

The cross-industry cooperation between these two parties will mainly focus on the deployment of digital transformation resources of SMEs in Malaysia, ensuring they can jump on the 5G bandwagon seamlessly to jointly create a digital business network platform.

With the increasing data usage and a large influx of traffic drawn by the customers’ growth, Huawei Cloud provides a scalable infrastructure just right for the vimigo system that enables growth, resilience and flexibility.

“Huawei Cloud has always aspired to collaborate with leading firms across various industries in Malaysia because collaborating with such enterprises is the only way to achieve the greatest impact in terms of driving digital technology,” Huawei Malaysia head of business development (Cloud business) Roy Hu said.

“Combining Huawei’s strong investment in technical resources with vimigo’s first-class performance reward tool, this collaboration will certainly make our SMEs shine on the world stage,” vimigo founder Shane Mun commenting about the collaboration.

vimigo Performance Reward System is a leader in business model and digital technology transformation among SMEs in Malaysia, with over 700 enterprise users. Not only have many of them experienced a marked improvement in team efficiency, but as many as 90% businesses have also successfully transformed their business models through the system.