Local sitcom ‘My Ofis’ debuts May 26 on iQiyi

by TMR 

A LOCAL sitcom called “My Ofis” is set to make its premiere on iQiyi starting May 26. 

The lighthearted dramedy centres around Jasper, a rockstar wannabe who chooses to let go of his rock and roll fame in order to support his grandmother by turning to the corporate world. Going corporate offers him some financial stability compared to the entertainment industry, which can be hard to penetrate.

The fresh comedic drama, a collaboration between iQiyi and local production company Longhouse Films Sdn Bhd, explores the chaos and crazy antics of ordinary work-life, romance and the struggles of office politics, which will resonate with many Malaysians. 

Featuring a multicultural cast line-up of industry veterans and up-and-coming talent, this series touches on the dilemma of choosing a career that not many have the privilege and opportunity to pursue, especially for those looking to break into the local entertainment industry.

Among the recognisable names acting in iQiyi’s global exclusive title from Malaysia are Kahoe Hon, Aeril Zafrel, veteran actor Alvin Wong and all-rounder Nasz Sally. 

Longhouse MD Dianne Tan said: “The idea of My Ofis is the brainchild of the founder of Longhouse Films, Jon Chiew, the producer of ‘My Ofis’ Jet Chiew and myself. With our experiences and connections, we gathered local experts for this project and invited our international professionals from Korea, Hong Kong, China and the US to participate and enable us to blend Malaysia’s unique culture and different office personality into ‘My Ofis’, while also merging Korean culture with Malaysian style. 

“Even the theme song ‘The Odd One Out’ is a k-pop style song genre. This collaboration is also a great platform for both industry veterans and rising stars to learn from one another and we’re excited for Malaysians to experience this dramedy and we look forward to the discussions it will create in our society.”

This 100% authentic modern Malaysian sitcom peppered with lighthearted humour is created and presented by Malaysia’s finest homegrown talents both on and off screen and aims to showcase our unique Malaysian culture and language to international audiences across 191 territories.

Catering to urban multicultural viewers, “My Ofis” is also uniquely incorporated with an e-commerce concept via QR code. This means that the audience will be exposed to a new format of content through the “Watch, Scan & Buy” concept that integrates advertising, while empowering viewers to instantly and conveniently make purchases based on what they see on screen, having the products delivered right to their doorsteps. 

In an exclusive partnership with homegrown e-commerce provider JOCOM: Your Pocket Supermarket, this is a digitalisation breakthrough for the Malaysian film industry and homegrown businesses alike. 

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iQiyi International can be enjoyed on any device via iQ.com and the app.