Kaspersky: Youtube, WhatsApp, Tiktok winners among Malaysian children

by ANIS HAZIM/pic by Kaspersky.com

MALAYSIAN children are big consumers of video content apps with Youtube topping the chart with 35.65% as of March 1, according to a recent report by Kaspersky.

This is followed by WhatsApp with 16.21%, TikTok (12.32%), Roblox (11.6%) and YouTube Kids (6.08%), based on data from Android apps.

Meanwhile, several topics or contents that are popular among the children are anime, bloggers, do it yourself, education, games and memes.

Kaspersky MD for APAC Sandra Lee said Malaysians are one of the world’s most active digital citizens and it is no surprise that Malaysian children are enthusiastic explorers of the digital world.

“Although, having not gone back physically to school since the pandemic, I understand that the majority of these kids are relying on the Internet not just for study but also for play and entertainment, most likely because of remote learning blues,” Sandra said in a statement today. 

She encouraged parents to stay informed and commit to sitting down with their kids extensively as it is an effective way to mold their children into responsible and safe digital citizens.

Kaspersky also recommended parents to learn more about their child’s interests and online habits to ensure children have a positive online experience.

Parents should read about emerging trends, games and channels to understand how they may affect their child’s online activities.

“Teach children how to block and report when they see or experience something problematic online.

“These could help create good online etiquette and empowers your child to feel in control,” it said. 

Besides, use a reliable security solution when parents are not around to shield the children from dangerous content and limit the amount of time they spend on their devices.

Recently, Kaspersky launched the updated Kaspersky Safe Kids that provides parents with extended functionality for iOS and more options to check their children’s online activity.