Indulge in Turkish Cuisine Week at Shangri-La KL

by AUFA MARDHIAH / Pic source: Shangri-La KL Facebook

IN EFFORTS to promote unique cuisine around the world, the Republic of Turkey presents the Turkish Cuisine Week  at Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, on May 21-27.

The Turkish Cuisine Week — officiated by the First Lady of the Republic of Turkiye, Emine Erdogan, and with the directive of the Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy — aims to appreciate Turkey’s deep-rooted culinary tradition that was established on the foundation of various cultural civilisations.

In line with the Turkish Cuisine Week, the Turkish Embassy Tourism and Information Office in Kuala Lumpur (KL) also organised a gala dinner hosted by Dr Merve Safa Kavakci, the Turkish ambassador to Malaysia.

The gala dinner were attended by Malaysian Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Sri Nancy Shukri, government officials, local chefs, invited guests, media and influencers.

One of the aspects highlighted about the Turkish cuisine is zero waste — based on principle that nothing should be wasted. This culture has been preserved for centuries and is a part of the culinary culture that owns unique dishes that takes up a day or two to prepare.

(From left) Chef Turgay Gundogdu, Turkey Embassy Tourism and Information Office’s Cultural and Tourism Affairs Counsellor Begum Sahin, Sous Chef Leyla Ozdemir and Ephesus Global Coffee Co-owner Mert Ates at the launch of the Turkish Cuisine Week 

Aside from offering vegetarian diets, the buffet will serve 35 types of dishes consisting of appetisers, main courses and desserts. Guest can also look forward to Saksuka (eggplants with tomato salsa), Kadinbudu Kofte (fried minced lamb and rice), Yaprak Sarma (stuffed vine leaves with rice), Turkish Coffee and Fistikli Baklava (baklava with pistachio).

Turgay Gundogdu, executive chef of the Turkish Ambassador Residence, said: “Recreating the authencity of the Turkish cuisine nowadays is easier with more distributors and Arab markets in Malaysia compared to 10 years ago.”

With 35 years of experience, the chef also informed that all the Turkish ingredients and products can be obtained from Arab markets. However, in terms of promotion, they need more Turkish entrepreneurs to enter the Malaysian market due to the high quality of Turkish products.

In conjunction with the Turkish Cuisine Week, a gastronomy book titled “Turkish Cuisine With Timeless Recipes” was also published under the leadership of the First Lady and the auspicious of the presidency in cooperation with the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, as well as support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The book features a collection of recipes, as well as healthy storage and cooking techniques used in Turkish gastronomy. It is published in Turkish and English with 218 recipes for healthy and alternative diets — including recipes for waste-free, fermented, regional, local and gluten-free dishes.

Those who wishes to indulge in Turkish cuisine may visit the Lemon Gardens on May 21-27. The lunch buffet is priced at RM168 nett (Tuesday-Thursday), while the dinner buffet is priced at RM188 net (Tuesday-Thursday). In addition, those who wanted to sample an array of seafood and local Malaysian cuisine, may purchase the premium dinner at RM248 nett (Friday-Sunday).