TECNO launches flagship PHANTOM X with luxurious design


TECNO has recently launched its new flagship model, known as PHANTOM X.

The smartphone brand also announced national badminton hero Datuk Wira Dr Lee Chong Wei as the Malaysian brand ambassador during the launch.

TECNO chief executive officer Taiman Zheng said, “The introduction of PHANTOM X in Malaysia marks a significant achievement for TECNO after we remained committed to bringing bold and better premium innovations to Malaysians, thus instilling confidence in a better future.

“PHANTOM X is produced to empower individual modernity by setting aside habits, always striving to succeed and having the ambition to achieve goals at a new level.

“Therefore, we chose Datuk Lee Chong Wei as the new ambassador. He is an individual who is synonymous with the essence of our brand, ‘Stop At Nothing.’ He is also a versatile individual and has exceptional quality, as is our latest product launch, PHANTOM X,” he said.

Speaking at the launch of PHANTOM X, Lee said, “It is an honour to be appointed as the new TECNO brand ambassador. 

“Through this joint venture, I hope to inspire Malaysian youths to #GoBoundless and not give up on pursuing their dreams,” he added.

Dior’s former director of Brand Design Alexis Mabille came up with the idea for PHANTOM X’s luxury design, for users who prioritise style and elegance.

Plus, the iF Design Awards 2022 recognised the device as a Discipline Product in the 1.08 telecommunications product category.

Innovative technology and sleek design

PHANTOM X is committed to bringing clear and extraordinary innovation in design, technology and user experience, so users may enjoy everything the device has to offer.

The latest innovation from TECNO PHANTOM X also includes the industry’s first curved glass surface texture engraving, developed through tests and production procedures.

This device has a 3D Borderless Screen and a 36.5-degree golden angle for better grip and comfort, as well as the first silk-glass back cover in the tech industry. 

With a large 6.7″ screen, users can enjoy watching movies and playing games on this device. Additionally, the borderless 3D screen with no bezels has bending angles of up to 70 degrees, allowing text and photographs to mix more fluidly in an infinite display around the device.

Thanks to its Unlimited Screens and FHD+ AMOLED, it is capable of delivering the smoothest and most streamlined display possible.

Unrivalled camera quality

The PHANTOM X’s camera system features a dual front and three back cameras.

On top of features such as a 120-degree wide-angle and 30x zoom, the PHANTOM X also has an industry-leading 50MP Ultra-Night camera with an Ultra-Large Sensor to capture clear and professional-looking photographs.

The 50MP camera’s Ultra-Night sensor allows it to capture 33% more light from the environment compared to a 108MP camera with a 1/1.5-inch sensor. 

Users can experience a broader ISO range, less interference and better exposure with a pixel resolution of 2.4m. 

The 4-in-1 model ensures that the photo quality is not compromised, even in challenging lighting conditions.

With the PHANTOM X 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie camera, it is easy to capture every detail, such as skin textures and defined facial features.

With its AI-assisted 105-degree Ultra-Wide angle function, it works well for both group or individual selfies.

When multiple faces are detected, the self-developed AI face suggestion conversion algorithm automatically recommends switching to ultra-wide recording mode.

The PHANTOM X also has a 50mm Gold Portrait macro lens with a small focal length for detailed portrait shooting, akin to a professional portrait lens.  

Users can pick from seven different portrait lighting effects, all while maintaining the background of their photos. With up to three professional portrait schemes available, it is suitable for a wide range of skin tones and matches the aesthetic of any setting.

Plus, night shooting sessions are now possible with PHANTOM X’s Super Night Mode.

The PHANTOM X can create incredibly sharp images even in low-light circumstances of less than 0.1 lux, thanks to an algorithm-powered camera that uses AI division and night protection.

Simultaneously, it also increases photo authenticity, focusing speed and colour needs in low-light situations.

In addition, PHANTOM X also makes it easy to capture magnificent night city vistas with Super Night View 3.0 and shoot exquisite portrait shots in stunning night scenes with Super Night Portrait.

Unlimited performance

With a large storage capacity, robust battery and efficient UI and OS design, the PHANTOM X is the latest mobile entrant with exceptional performance.

Its powerful 4,700mAh battery and integrated technology of 8+5GB RAM memory plus 256GB storage allows users to snap images and record videos as they please.

The battery life can last for 30 days on standby mode, 16 hours when streaming videos and nine hours for online video meetings when fully charged. 

It only takes 30 minutes of 33W fast charging to power up the PHANTOM X by 70%, while 60 minutes of charging will fully charge the device.

Users will also experience increased efficiency with the PHANTOM X’s UI design, intelligent operation and system performance.

AI capabilities and security

In addition, PHANTOM X offers industry-leading AI voice support in English known as Ella, that will respond even without an internet connection. 

For instance, when a user needs to make a phone call, set an alarm, play music, or enter driving mode, Ella can be engaged simply by saying “Hi Ella.”

PHANTOM X breaks down language barriers with its AI direct transcription capability that can copy over 70 languages, allowing users to communicate with more than 80% of the world’s population seamlessly.

Real-time communication and access capabilities are also designed to engage with a large audience. 

For business documents, the one-button Photographic Document correction function detects data errors with smart accuracy and extracts words from any type of image.

When it comes to safety, PHANTOM X includes a number of security features to preserve user privacy. 

It functions similarly to “Peek Proof,” where it blurs part of the screen so others won’t be able to see what the user is doing on their phone, as well as applications that encrypt information.

If a user loses their PHANTOM X by accident, the anti-theft feature remotely notifies and locks the device. 

Only owners can unlock their smartphones, ensuring that personal and sensitive information is kept safe.

The ultra-thin fingerprint sensor behind the screen unlocks the PHANTOM X in less than 0.4 seconds, providing ideal unlocking speed without sacrificing security.

PHANTOM X is now available in two colours, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Summer, at all TECNO facilities and authorised distributors in Malaysia.

Customers who purchase the first 2,000 PHANTOM Xs in Malaysia will receive a free set of TECNO buds as well as a half-year warranty coverage.

Head over to TECNO Malaysia’s official Shopee page to purchase a PHANTOM X and other TECNO products.

This article originally appeared on New Straits Times, with rights to be republished on The Malaysian Reserve.