PKR ensures a free, fair, credible party election  


PKR promises that this year’s party election is free, fair, credible and free of potential frauds through the use of the indelible ballot ink — the Adil app — and strict control of the voting process.

PKR Party Election Committee (PEC) chairman Dr Zaliha Mustafa (picture) said the party had begun working on the election.

The PEC has developed several security features to protect the integrity of the election and has decided not to use QR codes to eliminate the risk of fraud as they can be printed out repeatedly.

“The PEC also wants to set up a system in which voters’ ID cards will be scanned and checked to make sure there is no room for error or fraud.

“One of the security features that has been developed is that, after each time the voting is done, members can review their options before pressing the submit button. After submitting their vote, the system will automatically return to the original page.

“Meanwhile, the invigilator would enter the ID card number confirmed by the member after which, they will be given a digital ballot paper,” she said in a statement today.

Zaliha further explained that the staff at the polling stations consist of party members whose job is only to help launch the election process in one branch, and they are strictly prohibited from being in the polling station and from touching any device.

Supervisors, on the other hand, are those who help to run the election. They are Malaysians of legal age who are not members of any party, such as students, NGOs and non-partisan groups.

Zaliha went on to say that PKR’s Deputy Presidential candidate Rafizi Ramli expressed concerns about the possibility of fraud and manipulation during the election, but was assured that the PEC would take all necessary steps to ensure a fair and clean election.

“The PEC takes seriously the concerns submitted by Rafizi and we understand the risk of fraud.

“The PEC may take steps to annul the decision of any voter and re-vote for any branch or sector, whether Angkatan Muda Keadilan or Wanita, if we find it is due to weaknesses in the Adil system, or in the event of any problems at the polling stations. 

“If such a need arises, then the party, leadership and grassroots should welcome any possibility of a decision to be taken by the PEC,” she added.

Zaliha explained that the existing security measures in the Adil application, together with the tightly controlled voting system and process, coupled with the use of ballot ink, ensure party elections are transparent, fair and safe.