Muhyiddin: National food security council could ‘activate’ food supply


NATIONAL Recovery Council (NRC) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Md Yasin believes that the national food security council could “activate” the country’s food supply.

Muhyiddin said that food security is a global problem and it is no exception for Malaysia, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic due to low food production.

“Because of this, we are facing rising raw material prices, fertiliser prices and livestock food prices which cause our livestock prices to increase when marketed to the local markets,” he told a press conference after the NRC meeting today.

However, he said that the food security issue is beyond the NRC’s power and it falls under the federal administration.

“There used to be a special council that was formed to deal with this problem, called the food security council.

“I consider this (food security council) is still important and could activate more in improving domestic production,” he said.

The former prime minister also foresees that Malaysia is capable of increasing its food production. This capability however, has not been extensively explored.

“The use of technology and the issue of the number of workers may be one of the ways to deal with this (food production) as well as inflation,” he noted.

Moreover, he urged the country to extensively develop the agro-food sector to involve more locals in exploring the sector and attracting more investors.