Malaysia’s wheat flour supply not affected by India’s export ban


MALAYSIA’S wheat flour supply is not affected by India’s immediate ban on wheat export.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) said Malaysia imports 80% of wheat from Australia and the rest from the US, Canada and Ukraine. 

“Hence, India’s ban does not affect the country’s wheat flour supply,” the ministry said in a Twitter post today.

KPDNHEP also assured that it has 2,200 enforcers constantly monitoring the situation to ensure the supply of subsidised and non-subsidised flour is stable in the market.

India’s ban on exporting wheat was due to the heat wave that hit the country in March as a result of global warming from human-made carbon emissions.

Financial Express reported that April was the second hottest since 1951 with a monthly average maximum temperature of 40.2.

On the contrary, the Times of India reported that the ban is a means to control the country’s rising domestic prices. Retail inflation reached the country’s eight-year high of 7.79% in April which was driven by the price hike of food and fuel.