MoT tells airlines to fix technical issues immediately


THE Transport Ministry (MoT) has instructed airlines to immediately resolve technical issues which had led to many flight delays recently. 

MoT Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said his ministry has also asked the airline company to keep its passengers updated on the latest information to reduce difficulties. 

“The ministry and its agencies will continue to monitor all airline services to ensure maintenance and technical procedures are not compromised.

“The authorities have also reprimanded the airline company in question to ensure strict compliance to technical, economic and safety regulations and will not hesitate to take action towards operators that fail to do so.

“Equally importantly, it is vital for airlines to improve their communication channels to their passengers and customers to keep them properly informed of flight statuses,” he said in a statement today.

Recently, passengers of the low-cost airline company took to social media to express their grievances when their flights were delayed.

They were forced to wait at the airports for prolonged hours while the airline made multiple rescheduling of their flights. 

“Much of the complaints can be attributed to higher-than-usual passenger traffic during the festive season with the airlines having to fully utilise their aircraft fleet to meet demand. 

“Aircraft that faced technical issues were also taken out of service for more thorough maintenance,” Wee said, adding that the government sympathises with the plight of the passengers and have sought to reduce these issues with the airline. 

Wee also said as of today, all complaints related to rescheduling and flight backlog have been rectified and put back on track. 


(Ed’s note: The article has been updated to reflect better clarity)