Thailand to open long COVID clinics in Bangkok


BANGKOK – Thailand will open long COVID-19 clinics in Bangkok next week to support and provide treatment for patients suffering long-term effects of the coronavirus.

In a statement, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Khachit Chatchavanich said nine long COVID-19 clinics would be opened at its hospitals starting Monday (May 9).

“Patients who fully recover from COVID-19 infection for more than a month and develop post COVID-19 conditions and experience lingering symptoms will receive treatment at these clinics with services focusing on monitoring their symptoms,” he said.

He added that the treatment will be based on patient preferences.

The nine clinics will be open once a week at each hospital on different days and time slots. It will be manned by general practitioners, nurses and therapists.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), most people who develop COVID-19 fully recover. However, evidence suggests approximately 10 to 20 per cent of people experience a variety of mid-and long-term effects after they recover from their initial illness.

These mid- and long-term effects are collectively known as post COVID-19 condition or “long COVID” and the symptoms last for four weeks or more after initial infection.

Some people develop a variety effects including fatigue, breathlessness and cognitive dysfunction (for example, confusion, forgetfulness, or a lack of mental focus and clarity) while some people may experience psychological effects as part of post COVID-19 condition.