Nagaenthran’s mother begs to save her son’s life


SINGAPORE – “Nagaenthran. Save him. Only then there will be some relief. Sorry he has done wrong. Everyone please help.

(“Nagaenthran. Selamatkan dia. Baru hati senang. Minta maaf dia sudah salah. Semua orang tolong.”)

This is the plea orginally in the Malay language made by Panchalai Supermaniam, the mother to Malaysian death row inmate Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam to save her son’s life who is scheduled to be executed next week.

The short video by a human rights’ nonprofit organisation, Reprieve, was posted by Singapore’s lawyer M Ravi on his Facebook.

“Just received the heartbreaking news that Nagaenthran will be hanged next Wednesday,” he said in his another posting earlier.

The Singapore Court of Appeal had on March 29 dismissed the last application of Nagaenthran’s appeal against his execution.

Ravi has been providing technical assistance to Nagaenthran’s lawyer Violet Netto.

Hailing from Perak, Nagaenthran was sentenced to death in 2010 for trafficking 42.72g heroin in 2009 into Singapore which is known to have among the world’s toughest narcotics laws.

Nagaenthran’s lawyers claim that he is intellectually disabled.

He was supposed to be hanged on Nov 10, 2021, but found temporary respite on Nov 9 after the court was told he had tested positive for COVID-19 when he appeared for a last-bid attempt against his death sentence.