Malaysia strongly condemns burning of Quran in Sweden, al-Aqsa mosque attack

Wisma Putra says the Danish leader’s action has gone beyond moral limits and norms of the rights to freedom of speech and expression


MALAYSIA strongly condemns the provocative action by Rasmus Paludan, leader of the Stram Kurs, in burning a copy of the Holy Quran in Linkoping, Sweden.

It was reported that the copy of the holy Quran was burned in a heavily-populated Muslim area by the Danish leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party.

The Foreign Ministry, in a statement, said the action has gone beyond moral limits and norms of the rights to freedom of speech and expression.

“Such action is provocative and incites hatred that must be rejected by all who seek peace and promote peaceful coexistence,” it said.

Wisma Putra stressed that Malaysia underlines the importance of eliminating all forms of violence and hatred, including Islamophobia.

“Malaysia will continue to work closely with fellow members of the international community to prevent and eradicate Islamophobic sentiments and religious extremism,” it said in a statement.

Last Thursday, the media reported that a mob went on a rampage in the Swedish town of Linkoping after the Danish anti-immigration party announced its intention to burn a copy of the Quran.

Paludan, under police protection, proceeded to an open public spot in southern Linkoping and burnt the Muslim holy book, ignoring counter-protesters.

The protesters urged the police not to allow Paludan to commit the sacrilegious act, but the pleas were conveniently ignored, sparking violent clashes and rallies.

On Saturday, Wisma Putra also expressed strong condemnation against the harsh and disrespectful actions of the Israeli Occupation Forces, which attacked Palestinian Muslims including medical personnel and journalists at the Al-Aqsa Mosque a day before.

“Such heinous and blatantly inhumane acts are deeply regrettable, and should not have happened, especially so on a Friday, as Palestinian Muslims are fasting and performing prayers in the holy month of Ramadhan,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

“The actions of the Israeli Occupation Forces of also targeting women in the attack were cruel and totally unacceptable.

“Malaysia will consistently continue to fight for the fate and welfare of the Palestinian people,” he said in a statement.

AFP reported that more than 100 people were wounded last Friday in clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli police at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound in fresh violence, as Jewish and Christian festivals overlap with Ramadhan.

Additionally, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) general secretariat condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ incursion into the Al-Aqsa mosque, considering this dangerous escalation an affront to the feelings of the entire Muslim Ummah and a blatant violation of international resolutions and instruments.

“The OIC held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the fallout of such daily crimes and offenses against the Palestinian people, their territories and sanctuaries,” it said in a statement.

“It also called on the international community, particularly the United Nations Security Council, to act for these constant violations to be brought to an end, while protecting the Palestinian people and their sacred places, and preventing the repetition of the Israeli attacks fuelling religious clashes, extremism and instability in the region.”