DAP condemns Israel’s attack on Al-Aqsa mosque, Palestnians

by ASILA JALIL / pic by AFP

DAP condemned the violence inflicted by the Israeli regime on Al-Aqsa mosque as well as the Paestinian people and urged the two nations to initiate peace talks to prevent the tension from worsening.

The party’s deputy secretary for international affairs Kasthuri Patto said Malaysia has a role to play in the longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine as a member of the Human Rights Council.

“No one wants another war – whether in Ukraine or in Palestine or anywhere else in the world and governments as well as stakeholders must pool resources, courage and compassion to prevent a conflict and crimes against humanity to ever happen again.

“DAP calls for peace talks, negotiations, mediation, diplomacy between the two nations and for preventive measures to be taken to ensure a shocking attack like this from further happening and proliferating.

“As a member of the Human Rights Council, Malaysia must do more to be a go-between and peacemaker in this time-worn conflict and war,” she said in a statement today.

She noted this year saw all three Abrahamic faiths celebrating their most prominent observances over the mid-April weekend namely Good Friday by Christians, Passover by the Jews and Ramadan by Muslims, which is the first occurrence in 30 years.

Amid these holy services, Kasthuri said clashes between the Israeli police and Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa mosque have left more than 150 wounded and taken many lives.

“This should not and cannot happen in modern history where there is room for diplomacy, peace and reconciliation.

“Whether Christian, Muslims or Jews, a life lost must be met with accountability and responsibility by the powers that be. The war between Israelis and Palestinians can never be justified with ‘an eye for an eye’, whether it is the Holy Month of Ramadan, in the Lenten season or during Jewish observances. A crime against humanity is a crime against humanity and must be condemned by all.

“Institutionalised aggression by the police or by individuals must be condemned and must end immediately,” she said.

She added that the party deplores the desecration of any place of worship and in this case the Al-Aqsa mosque which is the third holiest site in Islam.

“This is the contentious disputed site and still remains at the heart of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Anyone and everyone deserves to live in a safe environment and to be able to profess and practise their faiths without harm or danger and this must be accorded to the people of Palestine and everywhere else in the world facing raging geo-political conflict,” said Kasthuri.