Judge, all parties in Bella’s trial visit incident location


KUALA LUMPUR – The judge and all parties involved in the trial of the founder of Rumah Bonda who has been charged with neglecting and abusing Bella, a 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome, today visited the incident location at the victim’s home, a condominium in Wangsa Maju here.

Sessions Court Judge Izralizam Sanusi arrived at the location at 10.51 am. Deputy public prosecutors Zahida Zakaria, Zilfinaz Abbas, Fazeedah Faik and Nur Aliana Shakira were also present.

The location was heavily guarded by the police and the condominium’s security guards.

The accused, Siti Bainun Ahd Razali was seen riding in a vehicle driven by her lawyer Nur A’minahtul Mardiah Md Nor.  Another lawyer, Asiah Jalil, arrived at the scene separately at about 10 am.

The visit ended at 11.50am and all parties were seen leaving the condominium before heading towards the Courts Complex in Jalan Duta to continue the trial proceedings.

The visit was to allow the court to get a clearer picture or view of the laundry room to better understand the incident cited in the testimony of the fifth prosecution witness, Yasmin Nahar Mahmood, 18, a fellow Rumah Bonda resident.

The defence requested a site visit to the incident location to allow the court to see the house itself and the size of the laundry room in the condominium unit, as many incidents involving the accused allegedly occurred there.

Reporters who had waited at the main entrance of the condominium since 9am were not allowed entrance.

Siti Bainun, 30, is currently on trial after pleading not guilty to charges of neglect and abuse under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which carries a 20-year jail sentence or a RM50,000 fine or both if convicted.