Meta Malaysia’s #JomCelikDigital empowers businesses, individuals

It involves 4 key programmes to enable businesses to improve on their applications and skills in digitalisation 


META Malaysia has introduced the #JomCelikDigital initiative which focuses on improving and stimulating the resilience of the country’s digital economy, as well as helping citizens to upskill in digital businesses. 

It involves four key programmes to enable businesses to improve on their applications and skills in digitalisation. 

Meta Malaysia country director Nicole Tan noted that providing Malaysians with equal access to digital tools is not only crucial but closely aligned with Malaysia’s goal of becoming an e-commerce hub of the region and its overall digital economy blueprint agenda. 

Malaysia has been recognised as one of the top countries with massive digital acceleration especially in e-commerce, hence smaller businesses need to transition quickly to remain relevant. 

The programme includes “Meta Boost”, a free educational workshop designed to empower over 1,000 bottom 40% smallmedium enterprises (SMEs) nationwide. 

There is also the “Pasar WhatsApp” programme aimed to introduce to more than 1,000 SME owners to the various features of the WhatsApp Business App to digitise their business through an easy to use and familiar platform. 

“Participants will be introduced to features like catalogue, automated replies and how to build a quick business profile with essential information on WhatsApp,” Tan said. 

Apart from that, #JomCelikDigital also offers an “Instagram Academy” which is designed to provide support with Instagram tools and educational material for SMEs to connect with their customers and communities in more engaging ways. 

There is also the “Facebook Blueprint Higher Education Programme” to empower students with real-life digital marketing skills and support educators in developing digital-savvy talents. 

Workshops will be delivered by local Blueprint Certified Lead Trainers. 

Meanwhile, Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) CEO Mahadhir Aziz, who officiated the programme said #JomCelikDigital is timely as Malaysia is currently going through a digital economy change. He added that for the first time in history, Malaysia’s e-commerce revenue surpassed RM1 trillion in 2021.

“We are on the right track in achieving our aspirations, which is to record RM1.65 trillion by 2025. This is all supported through a comprehensive approach in the Strategic E-Commerce Roadmap,” he said. 

Meta Malaysia has trained and certified 1,054 participants in 2021. 

The company has also built a network of Meta-certified trainers, currently with 30 Certified Lead Trainers and up to 20 soon-to-be Lead Trainers from MDEC. 

#JomCelikDigital will start rolling out in phases from April 14, 2022. 

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