Malaysia’s palm oil can benefit from Ukraine-Russia crisis


THE Ukraine-Russia crisis can restore and increase Malaysia’s palm oil exports as well as expand to new markets. 

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin said the country also had the opportunity to show the advantages of the country’s palm oil and change the world’s negative perception of it. 

“Our palm oil is still banned by the US and we have met with its ambassador in Malaysia to explain the truth about it. 

“It is time for them to understand the real situation and with that hopefully the US will be able to accept our palm oil,” she said at a press conference after launching the “Mari Kenali Sawit” book yesterday. 

Zuraida said a total of 300,000 books had been printed for distribution in schools nationwide while 100 copies to selected national and private schools in Peninsular Malaysia for the first phase. 

In conjunction with this, several activities were lined up including speech competitions, talks, workshops and briefings on accurate information related to the nutrition and benefits of Malaysian palm oil. 

“We remain committed in defending the Malaysian palm oil industry not only at the global level but also domestically through promotion and awareness programmes to the younger generation, especially school students. 

“We also believe that this effort is a form of investment for the younger generation who will defend the Malaysian palm oil industry as it is the No 1 commodity that brings in high income to the country,” she said. 

She added that her ministry will also dis- tribute the book to industry players, ambassadors and MPs for them to get more accurate information on the management and quality as well as updates on the palm oil industry.