Allow other apps to host vaccine certificates, assemblyman tells MoH


BUKIT Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran has called on the Health Ministry (MoH) to allow other credible apps to host vaccine certificates.

He said the government should not be beholden to MySJ Sdn Bhd in negotiating price and terms for the application, as well as getting the check-in data deleted as soon as possible.

He also said merely announcing that the data will be deleted is not enough.

“We need at least one, if not two, independent auditors to confirm that this has truly happened and no data breach has taken place,” he added.

Citing the concern over the possible sale of the app from Entomo Malaysia Sdn Bhd to MySJ, he said the public needs to know that the government is in control of the app.

“Many are concerned about their health-related data falling into the wrong hands, as well as the possibility of the government paying an exorbitant sum to a third party for ownership of the app and related services.

“They are right to fear this as the government is negotiating to pay MySJ for the app, albeit with the assurances from Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin (Abu Bakar) that the figure is much lower than RM300 million, something that does not quite sit well with most Malaysians.

“We have now reached a point in the pandemic situation where contact tracing (being flagged based on check-in to a specific venue) is no longer being practised, and therefore, the check-in requirement will be moot very soon. It is absolutely unnecessary to track the movement of people in accordance with their locations,” Rishyakaran said in a statement yesterday.

However, the vaccine certificates are still required for purposes of dining-in and travel, among others. That said, there is no need for vaccine certificates to be ‘hosted’ solely in the MySejahtera app, he said.

“There is nothing stopping the government from allowing other credible and verified apps, such as Grab and Touch N Go, to also host the vaccine certificate within their apps.

“The people should also be able to carry their vaccine cards as proof of vaccination instead of making MySejahtera mandatory. This way, vaccine recipients can choose their method of choice to host the vaccine certificate and not have to rely on MySejahtera to prove their vaccination status,” he added.

The recent revelation about the alleged sale of the rights to the MySejahtera app from Entomo to MySJ for RM338.6 million has rattled Malaysians and residents, many of whom assumed that the government was the owner and in control of the app.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported Khairy as saying that he has been called to explain the matter to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on April 14 on the issue of the development and procurement of the MySejahtera app.

“I have nothing to hide, this important app is used for (management) of Covid-19, vaccinations and the Virtual Covid-19 Assessment Centre,” he said.

The minister added that the government is in talks with big countries to recognise its Covid-19 vaccination and test certificates, as done by the European Union, to facilitate the movement of Malaysian travellers abroad.