Everyone will get their refund, Fernandes says as SUPER+ subscription plan launched

Among its benefits are unlimited flight redemption, unlimited free food delivery and a Covid pre-departure insurance coverage 


THE airasia Super App unveiled its SUPER+ subscription plan in a virtual launch which is available for purchase across Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines concurrently from now until April 2, 2022. 

The benefits of the new SUPER+ subscription plan includes unlimited flight redemption for the subscriber across all AirAsia airlines (flight code AK, FD, QZ, Z2) across the region, for both domestic and international destinations.

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It also offers unlimited free delivery for airasia food orders across all countries and locations where the service is available and a Covid pre-departure insurance coverage which will allow subscribers to claim insurance benefits in the unfortunate event of them contracting Covid within seven days before their scheduled departure. 

SUPER+ subscribers will be able to redeem their flights from March 28, 2022, until March 27, 2023, and travel throughout April 11, 2022, to April 10, 2023. 

Furthermore, many more benefits from across the whole airasia eco-system will be subsequently added as part of the subscription including discounts on airasia ride, airasia xpress, SNAP, hotels and more. 

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The SUPER+ subscription plan is priced at RM639 in Malaysia, 4,999 baht (Thailand), 2.3 million rupiah (Indonesia) and 6,599 pesos (Philippines), and can be purchased on the airasia Super App by clicking on the “SUPER+” icon. 

Currently, only 200,000 SUPER+ subscriptions are available across the four countries for a limited time until April 2, 2022. 

“We’re very happy to announce that we’re the first to launch this one-of-a-kind subscription plan called SUPER+ which combines flights and delivery. 

“We’ve worked hard on the technology part to make sure it is very easy to use and very accessible. We also put a lot of seats in this product and believe that people who opt for us will redeem their SUPER+ seat,” Capital A Bhd CEO Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes (picture) said.

Fernandes also asserted that everyone will get their refunds back and guarantees that as of now, no bookings have been affected by the refunds. “AirAsia has handled over 90% of its refunds and the company is seeing very strong bookings with most domestic markets that have outperformed the company’s expectations. As more flights are coming in, refunds are sorted out — in Malaysia within a couple of months and the Philippines within six months.” 

airasia Super App CEO Amanda Woo asserted that customers will get to experience the airasia Super App plus more with the SUPER+ subscription plan which is indeed a smarter way to experience the new world of airasia as it allows the subscriber to fly anywhere, enjoy bigger savings and more 

rewards for their travel and everyday needs — SUPER+ is an unprecedented product in Asean which unlocks travel and lifestyle benefits like never before. 

“We are proud to be the only super app in the market that is able to offer this one-of-a-kind subscription plan that includes both travel and lifestyle products and services, clearly positioning us the preferred provider for the region,” she said. 

With various countries across Asean announcing the reopening of borders and more vaccinated travel lane arrangements, Woo believes that air travel is on a strong rebound. 

“SUPER+ will certainly facilitate affordable and convenient travel for everyone to visit and explore the many destinations within the wide network connectivity of the AirAsia Aviation Group. 

“Aside from that, subscribers also have access to the best of what airasia Super App has to offer through its various delivery verticals across the region,” she added. 

Commenting on the refund issue, Fernandes said over 90% of refunds have been settled which he believes is a remarkable achievement considering that the company was flying 90 million people pre-Covid times. 

“We received no financial support from the government so we are to do this all by ourselves — 92% have been paid and even those who have been asked for credit have been using it, so refunds for the next two to three months is not an issue,” he added.