Pos Malaysia partners Saito UC to develop logistics industry


POS Malaysia Bhd has inked a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with Saito University College (Saito UC) as it officiated the partnership to accelerate the logistic industry and create more professionals in the sector through integrated learning opportunities.

The MoA agreed on the collaboration for the establishment of the Saito UC-Pos Malaysia Learning Hub logistic as a learning pathway for Saito UC’s students.

Pos Malaysia will provide supervision, mentorship and training for Saito UC’s students throughout the work integrated learning experience and offer internship opportunities for students to gain professional experience.

Pos Malaysia group CEO Charles Brewer said the need for logistics has intensified due to the pandemic, with businesses jumping into e-commerce making people start to acknowledge the importance of supply and demand.

“Local micro, small and medium enterprises are aggressively looking to expand their customer base by exploring opportunities both domestically and across the neighbouring countries,” he said during the signing ceremony at Pos Malaysia Headquarters Dayabumi Complex yesterday.

He added that the aim is also to establish an academic incubator where aspiring logistics professionals can thrive through direct mentorship, development of skills and cultivation of innovative ideas.

In addition, the partnership is also a testament for Pos Malaysia is it aims to embark on becoming the organisation of choice among the young talents and workforce under its “Employee of Choice” initiative.

“We are aiming to become the company as a choice for employees, with highly motivated staff, nurturing young talents, especially in the logistic industry. Hence, this partnership is a big step,” Brewer added.

“We hope the learning hub will necessitate them with a comprehensive learning roadmap that will enhance and create a sustainable career path in this sector.”

Meanwhile, Saito UC vice-chancellor Prof Dr Vinitha Guptan is committed to creating opportunities for students to be mobile in learning by providing various modes of study and options for them to choose from.

“We believe that industrial collaboration is the way forward to be agile through knowledge transfer and deconstructing the conventional education system,” she added.

According to her, as a national courier, Pos Malaysia is close to Malaysians’ hearts that people are familiar with the service regardless of where they live.

Hence, choosing them is in line with Saito UC’s mission to become an inclusive learning institution that provides access to education to everyone including the underserved groups.

“Through the collaboration, we also aim to reskill and upskill the workforce and talents and prepare them to get into the organisation (Pos Malaysia) for both work and study pathway.

“Moving forward, we will also be expanding and forge more partnerships with other logistics organisations and key players as a next viable step to develop the industry and talents,” Vinitha concluded.