Zuraida: MIACES 2022 targets RM300b export value

The expo and summit will promote Malaysia as the international hub for agri-commodity activities 


MALAYSIAN International Agricommodity and Expo and Summit 2022 (MIACES 2022) targets an export value of RM300 billion for the agri-commodity sector this year, said Minister of Industries, Plantations and Commodities Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin. 

She said MIACES 2022 is expected to create opportunities for agri-commodity industry players to grow and find new markets to further increase agri-commodity exports. 

MIACES is scheduled to be held from 26-28 July this year as a platform to showcase commodity products and expand the commodity exports to a new market. 

Zuraida added that the summit also aims to combat the prejudice against Malaysia’s main commodity, palm oil, while increasing the production of key commodities such as rubber, palm oil and timber, as well as the national kenaf sector and cocoa industry. 

“This summit will serve as a one-stop centre for local exhibitors, participants and importers in meeting the supply and demand from the entire ecosystem, as part of their development strategy to flourish in the global markets.” 

MIACES 2022 also will promote Malaysia as the international hub for agri-commodity activities. 

“Not only that, with international participation from 20 countries, the industry players and participants will be able to expand their investment potentials and maximise their products’ gains globally,” the minister said. 

Apart from enhancing the commodity sector, the summit is also targeted to advance the technology industry, latest equipment and machinery. 

“We expect the participation from exhibitors such as agritech, drone, logistics, research institute, government agencies and body and more. 

“The ministry believes that agri-commodity sector could grow into a stronger economic contributor by increasing agricommodity industry players, producers, investors, stakeholders, as well as advancing sustainable primary production here in Malaysia. 

“We will also be holding a ministerial roundtable and see the participation of ministries from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Iran on this sector,” she said. 

Zuraida said the Industries, Plantations and Commodities Ministry is also committed to growing the cluster of large commodity firms which have the potential to build Malaysia’s agri-commodity strength on a global scale.