Delegates call for UMNO-PAS cooperation in Muafakat Nasional to be reviewed


KUALA LUMPUR – The political cooperation between UMNO and PAS through Muafakat Nasional (MN) should be reviewed as PAS has been seen as no longer having the desire to make it work, let alone to strengthen it.

That is among the suggestion voiced out by the delegates during the debate on the president’s policy speech at the UMNO General Assembly 2021 at the World Trade Centre here today.

Bazlan Abd Rahman from Terengganu, for one, suggested that the cooperation be ceased as PAS had, on several occasions, turned its back on UMNO and started being prejudiced, hence proving that a split is almost inevitable.

“At the grassroots level in Terengganu, the sentiment is clear that they want MN to be called off. It’s like a cancerous lump. If we already know that it’s terminal, why are we still hesitating to seek medical treatment? The best cure is to cease cooperation with PAS.

“Let’s just call MN off immediately. PAS must have been waiting for that anyway,” he said.

In fact, Bazlan said UMNO, as a very strong party, did not need the support from other others as it should decide its own course in facing the next general election.

“…and even more than that, UMNO’s strength comes from its loyal members who now numbered more than three million, One in every 10 Malaysians is UMNO member.

“That’s how strong we are. So, rest assured that UMNO will not die just because we don’t want to work with PAS,” he said.

Datuk Zawawi Othman from Kelantan, in his debate, called on UMNO leadership to review the cooperation as PAS leaders had been heard to have made contradicting statements that could sever the cooperation.

“It’s not like we are rejecting PAS. In Kelantan, we don’t reject PAS, but we reject certain PAS leaders who are rude and lack of integrity, especially in making decisions about certain issues,” he said.

Zawawi also called on UMNO leadership to uphold the party’s principles and not to give room to anyone to cause disharmony in the party.

He said it was also hoped that the top leaders of the party would stay strong and united so as to strengthen the solidarity of members at the grassroots.

“The president (Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) deputy presidents (Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan) and Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob) cum the vice-president are the jewels of UMNO. If you do your level best for the party, you’ll make us happy. If you split, you’ll make us angry,” he chided subtly.

MN is the political coalition between UMNO and PAS officialised with the signing of the MN Charter in 2019.