Ten-year-old boy with a passion for fish farming


BALIK PULAU – While other children at his age enjoy watching cartoon shows on television or playing games, high-spirited Mohamad Sufi Ryyan (picture) has developed a deep passion for fish breeding and rearing at his father’s fishing ponds.

The 10-year-old lad enjoys interacting with his new ‘playmates’ so much that he becomes animated and excited each time he is asked to manage the ponds.

Mohamad Sufi Ryyan, fondly called “Adik” by his family, has been following his father, Suwardi Idris, 45, to the fish ponds routinely ever since he was a year old and is unafraid of being stung by catfish as he knows the methods of handling fish properly.

His father owns over 10 fish ponds on 0.4 hectares of land at Kampung Pulau Betong here. 

“My father used to have ponds in Bayan Lepas before we shifted here (Kampung Pulau Betong). In the morning, I will go to the ponds to help my parents before attending school in the afternoon session.

“Now, I am in the morning session, and after school, I will go to the fish ponds. This has been my playground since I was a year old, and I am very happy every time I get to visit the ponds, “he told Bernama when we met at his house here today.

Mohamad Sufi Ryyan, who is the youngest of two siblings, said apart from being able to raise fish, his father taught him the process of breeding fish, especially ornamental fish.

Aspiring to become a successful fish breeder, he said his father’s early lessons in fish farming was also one of the reasons why he planned to continue his studies in the field.

“If possible, I would like to study fish breeding in Taiwan, as the country is well-known for its successes and technology in fish breeding, so more knowledge can be gained. My dad now teaches me about the practical aspects of fish breeding,” he said.

He added that the knowledge and practical lessons he learned would help him achieve future success in this field, and also enable him to share with others so they could venture into farming, too.

Meanwhile, Suwardi said he never forced his son to help at his fish ponds, but Muhamad Sufi Ryyan showed keen interest since he was small and was very happy every time he helped.

Besides fish farming, he also cultivates a vegetable farm and rears quails wit the help of his 49-year-old wife, Sih Mahyuti Markhaban, and Muhamad Sufi Ryyan.

“I passed on my knowledge to my son, both theory and practical, which was gained through courses organised by the Department of Agriculture.

“I can leave it to him to manage the existing fish ponds because he is skilled at handling them, including in selecting suitable candidates for the spawning process,” said Suwardi, who has been in fishing farming for 20 years.

He said although his son is intrigued by fish breeding, Muhamad Sufi Ryyan had never neglected his academics, including completing all the school work given and home teaching and learning sessions (PdPR) during the previous Movement Control Order.

“Previously, he would learn his lessons before going out to the ponds, and now with the reopening of schools, he completes his homework at night.

“He knows that he not only has to know the practical aspects but also possess the knowledge in order to succeed in this sector as a fish breeder,” he said.