Triumphant, jubilant mood expected at Umno assembly

The party is open to any proposal that will be brought as long as it does not touch on sensitive matters 


THE upcoming Umno General Assembly this week will see Umno in a triumphant mood following its recent election success, says Umno secretary general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan (picture). 

He said the series of victories for BN and its partners in Johor and Melaka state elections will give a boost to the delegates’ mood and spirit. 

“I think both wins will colour this assembly with the spirit that Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) have risen again to be responsible for managing the country. 

“The spirit and gratitude of winning the two state elections will be brought together by delegates and observers this time,” he said in a press conference yesterday. 

“Some said these (elections) would pose a tough challenge to BN. But we saw, BN won the election and surely a good number of those new voters supported us as the Undi18 did not affect BN’s support as claimed,” he told a press conference yesterday on this week’s general assembly. 

He also did not dismiss the possibility that the calls for the 15th General Election (GE15) will be brought by delegates in the assembly which begins tomorrow. 

He said Umno is open to any proposal that will be brought as long as it does not touch on sensitive matters. 

“Maybe someone will touch on GE15, however, I hope that the debate will certainly focus not only on political issues. We also want to hear about issues of addressing Covid-19, improving the economy of the people and the country, issues of interracial, inter-religious relations and so on,” Ahmad added. 

“They (delegates) are free to speak as long as they did not touch on sensitive matters,” he said. 

The assembly, which will be held over four days face-to-face, will be attended by 5,571 delegates from 191 divisions nationwide. 

The assembly is expected to attract more than 500 media practitioners including 15 news agencies and BN components, Friends of BN, high commissioners and ambassadors were also invited to attend the assembly. 

He said there would also be an exhibition put up by 20 government agencies at the venue. 

To comply with the standard operating procedures and prevent Covid-19 infection, Dewan Merdeka, the main hall for the simultaneous opening of the Wanita, Youth and Puteri Wings as well as Umno 2021 General Assembly, would be occupied at half capacity to enable physical distancing while delegates who are positive or have symptoms are not allowed to attend. 

“If in Parliament, the Covid-19 quick test kit antigen is carried once in two days, for the assembly we would be conducting the test two times during the assembly and this should suffice,” he said. 

On Dec 25, the Umno 2021 General Assembly which was scheduled to be held on Jan 13 to 15 was postponed due to floods in several states.