PRAB implementation in Selangor requires rain distribution simulations

The National Flood Forecasting and Warning Programme (PRAB) in Selangor requires the implementation of rain distribution simulations so that accurate, in-time and early announcements on the risk of the disaster can be made.

State Infrastructure, Public Amenities, Agriculture Modernisation, and Agro-Based Industry Committee chairman Ir Izham Hashim said that following the phenomenon of climate change, rainfall distribution is not the same as before with large rainfall distribution occurring in upstream or catchment areas and dams.

“PRAB which previously focused on Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang, will now expedite its implementation in Selangor and is expected to be fully completed by March 31, 2024. 

“This includes detection, forecasting, warnings, and announcements,” he said at the Selangor State Legislative Assembly sitting here today.

PRAB can predict monsoon flood incidents seven days in advance, with the accuracy of water level forecasts (+/-0.5 millimetres) and flash flood forecasts from one to three hours in advance based on the weather forecast data from the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

Izham said in reply to a supplementary question by Lau Weng San (PH-Banting), who wanted to know the state government’s method of making early flood forecasts.

Hence, he said, the government’s plan for the flood mitigation programme can no longer use conventional methods that focus on upstream areas as water storage.

“This requires us to do profiling or topography throughout the river and terrain in Selangor so that when there is a rainfall distribution all over the place, we can simulate and see the impact of how the water flows in the flood situation and locations,” he said.

At the same time, Izham also asked MetMalaysia to improve the system to issue alerts related to weather and natural disasters.

He also said that the complete solution to the flood problem in the state would require a high cost of more than RM7 billion. –BERNAMA