China does not want to be ‘affected’ by Russia sanctions: foreign minister


Beijing, China – China’s foreign minister has said his nation does not want to be impacted by Western economic sanctions on Russia, state media reported Tuesday, as pressure grows on Beijing to withdraw support from an isolated Moscow.

“China is not a party to the crisis, still less wants to be affected by the sanctions,” Wang Yi said, according to a readout of a phone call with his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares published on Tuesday.

China has “always opposed using sanctions to solve problems, let alone unilateral sanctions that has no basis in international law, which will… harm people’s livelihood in all countries”, Wang said according to the readout.

Almost three weeks after Russian troops marched into Ukraine, Moscow’s forces have bombarded and besieged several towns and cities.

Fighting has killed thousands and destroyed infrastructure, as well as causing millions to flee the country.

Wang’s comments were published after a seven-hour meeting between high-ranking US and Chinese officials in Rome, at which Washington said the US had expressed concern about “alignment” between Russia and China.

Moscow and Beijing have drawn closer in recent times, in what Washington sees as an increasingly hostile alliance of the authoritarian nuclear powers.

Beijing has not openly condemned Moscow’s acts in Ukraine, and US media reported that Russia had asked China for military and economic assistance, as its troops struggle to make ground and its economy faces devastation from Western sanctions.

In the Rome meeting on Monday with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, China’s senior diplomat Yang Jiechi reiterated China’s stance that Beijing is “committed to promoting peace talks”, the official Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday.

China called on all parties to exercise “maximum restraint” and “protect civilians” in the Ukraine crisis at the meeting.

The international community should support such talks to achieve substantive results as soon as possible, Yang said.

Washington hopes Beijing can use its influence on Putin.

Although Beijing does not back Western sanctions, the White House is pressuring the world’s second-largest economy to refrain from rescuing Russia from potential default or sending weaponry.