Strong earthquake rattles Indonesia’s South Sumatra – MetMalaysia


KUALA LUMPUR — A strong earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale, hit South Sumatra, Indonesia at 5.09 this morning.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia), in a statement, said the quake occurred at a distance of 89km northwest of Siberut, Indonesia and at a depth of 10km.

“Tremors were felt in the western part of the Peninsula, especially Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor,” it said.

However, based on the initial assessment, the quake did not pose a tsunami threat to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, MetMalaysia, in a tweet, said that a moderate earthquake, measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale, also hit South Sumatra at 5.38 am today, at a distance of 79km from Siberut, Indonesia.

The quake also did not pose a tsunami threat to the country.