Possible thunderstorms during monsoon transition period


THE monsoon transition phase is expected to begin on March 14 to mid-May, which marks the end of the Northeast Monsoon which started on Nov 3, 2021.

According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department, during the transition period, the country will receive weak winds from various directions which would form thunderstorms that usually bring heavy rain and strong winds in a short time.

These occurrences are mainly in the afternoon and early evening in most areas in the west coast and inland states of the Peninsula, western Sabah as well as central Sarawak.

“These weather conditions have the potential to cause flash floods as well as damage to unstable structures.

“The public is advised to be more vigilant during this period and always be aware of the weather forecasts and warnings issued by the Malaysian Meteorological department through our official website, myCuaca mobile apps and the department’s official social media,” the department said in a statement last Friday.

The public can also call 1-300-22-1638 for further inquiries.