Muhyiddin: PN to create an efficient, corruption-free state administration in Johor


PERIKATAN Nasional (PN) said it aims to create an efficient and corruption-free state government administration in Johor, as well as to provide the people with an inclusive and comprehensive offer in the upcoming poll on March 12.

The coalition has drawn up an offer based on eight main pillars, driven by 24 strategies and based on 145 approaches.

“Clean and efficient state government administration must be underpinned by integrity and corruption-free leadership. Thus, the PN will form a government that always supports leaders with integrity, is free from corruption and rejects abuse of power,” PN chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin (picture; right) said in his speech at the launch of the coalition’s manifesto yesterday.

He introduced the Johor Economic Decade Plan 2022-2032, which would be prepared to strengthen the future of Johor’s economy. The Decade Plan prioritises the involvement of all walks of life and focuses on strategic and high-impact industries, including digital infrastructure, modern public transport, green-energy generation and smart agriculture.

Efforts will also be intensified to empower Johor as the country’s food production hub, besides making it the country’s digital hub by attracting investment from international technology companies. In the plan, Johor’s sustainable economic development will also be supported by the digitisation of the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector.

Apart from the provisions of the MSME hub and MSME Caring Scheme, full exemption of business licence fees for MSMEs throughout the state would be given for a period of five years, so that entrepreneurs can continue to be one of the main catalysts of Johor’s economy.

Muhyiddin also called for the opening of the country’s borders to stimulate the economic growth of the state.

“The state of Johor, which borders Singapore, will certainly receive many economic benefits when the country’s borders are reopened. With the opening of the country’s borders, we will be able to see the economic activities of the state of Johor, especially in the tourism and retail sectors, return to vigour. The opening of the border will also make it easier for people in the state of Johor who work in Singapore to commute to work and return to their families.

“Based on data submitted by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for border control matters, the National Rehabilitation Council (NRC) chaired by me has recommended to the federal government that the country’s borders be reopened as early as March 1, 2022,” said Muhyiddin further.

To improve the wellbeing of the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) community, apart from providing facilities and infrastructure in Felda plan areas, PN, he said, will ensure that new generation Felda housing projects that are being repaired would be completed immediately and abandoned new generation housing projects that have the potential to be repaired would be saved.

On tourism, the PN government would continue to develop the state’s tourism industry, as well as provide infrastructural support along with the need for Internet access, 5G Internet coverage will be accelerated and free WiFi hotspot facilities would be available at public hotspots.

“Johor is rich in unique natural and historical heritage that can be used to create high-value tourism products that can return to boost Johor’s tourism sector. PN pledged to improve infrastructure efficiency, including the construction and upgrading of roads, bridges, railways, public transport and airport,” the Pagoh MP added.

“Focus will be given to accelerating the implementation of flood mitigation projects and preparing a master plan for the state government’s preparedness in the face of natural disasters.”

To ensure that the offer of the PN Pledge for Johor is fulfilled, Muhyiddin said a Special Implementation Monitoring Committee composed of qualified Johor natives from professional and experienced groups would be established.