Fave launches South-East Asian tech hub in KL

by AZALEA AZUAR / pic credit: FaveMalaysia FB

FAVE has launched its South-East Asian tech hub in Kuala Lumpur (KL) to evolve the region’s fintech landscape and groom top engineering talents.

The smart payment platform has collaborated with training partner iTrain and universities to harness 100 engineers this year.

The tech hub would train, mentor, coach and provide professional certification, product development projects, as well as workshops, and eventually placement offerings across Fave and Pine Labs companies.

The programme would focus on preparing fresh graduates for the workplace as well as individuals who wish to go into software engineering, and have a strong interest in learning through Youtube, Coursera, Udemy, Stack Overflow and LinkedIn.

Fave’s roadmap to developing world class fintech engineering talents in the South-East Asian region is anchored by three pillars which are “ecosystem building”, where it partners with upskill talent through adjunct lectures, development workshops, career guidance and mentoring workshops.

The “readiness training” pillar enables talents to achieve occupational training and skills development through a strong partnership with iTrain.

The modules are six weeks long and include technical and softskills training.

The “good to great initiative” pillar is a post-training programme for upskilled participants to empower and grow other engineers.

This also includes non-technical team members and manages full project streams.

Fave CTO Arzumy MD said it is beyond essential to invest in growing talent, which is the backbone of the booming fintech ecosystem in the region.

“We are proud to be taking a leading role in building a pipeline of talent that will benefit the entire ecosystem and digital innovation in the region.

With the launch of Fave’s tech hub and our versatile training approach, we are confident in shaping the next generation of experts to revolutionise South-East Asia’s fintech landscape.

“These are the baby steps to make world-class product engineering talents which are a highly sought-after profession in Malaysia, South-East Asia and beyond,” he said in a recent statement.

The programme would involve four cohorts that are scheduled to begin on March 21, May 9, July 3 and Sept 5.

Fave aims to increase its internship intakes twice to increase product engineering in South-East Asia.