KDEB acquires Sitamas to improve Selangor waste management


KDEB Waste Management has acquired Sitamas Environmental System Sdn Bhd, through the purchase of a 100% share in the said company. 

“The acquisition worth RM9 million has been paid which includes taking over all the existing contracts and workers altogether,” KDEB MD Ramli Mohd Tahir said during the taking over press conference. 

He added that the acquisition will enable them to significantly ramp up and create a solid waste management chain in Selangor, especially for industrial, commercial and institutional waste management. 

“Our goal is to become a one-stop centre for waste management services. Through our existing facilities and sorting centre, we will expand the overall network while offering waste management solutions for the big manufacturers,” Ramli said. 

“This is also part of the solution to resolve disposal issues as well as dumping of illegal waste in areas that should not be by irresponsible parties which is a major challenge for KDEB and local authorities,” he added. 

Ramli said the company is committed to continuing to explore solid waste-related business opportunities including the establishment of high-impact sustainable power plants and material recovery centres. 

KDEB is also in talks with relevant companies and agencies for collaboration to convert waste into more sustainable resources such as biodiesel and various waste by-products in the future. 

He added that the acquisition will enable more job opportunities among the public who have the interest to pursue the industry and raise awareness on the importance of effective waste management. 

“As an organisation in charge, we hope all stakeholders, especially the public, will cooperate and be mindful with their dumping activities and incorporate a proper cleaning operation in the household,” Ramli concluded.