MoE: No decision yet on PT3 exam for 2022


THE Education Ministry (MoE) has yet to decide on the implementation of the Form Three Assessment (PT3) examination for the 2022 session.

Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin (picture) said MoE is looking into the most suitable approach related to PT3 by taking into account the level of mastery of students and indications from the ongoing 2021 school session.

“There has been no official decision by MoE related to PT3,” he told the media after attending the launching of SekolahKu Sejahtera yesterday.

There was a previous statement posted on the Malaysian Examination Board’s Facebook that PT3 examination for the 2022 session will be held from October to November. A check later found that the post had been deleted.

The SekolahKu Sejahtera initiative is aimed to strengthen students’ competitiveness via 14 key pillars.

This is part of MoE’s approach to leverage and build a holistic education system and inculcate students’ ability to compete at the global level.

“These pillars will help students understand, evaluate, appreciate and explore their potential based on approaches adopted by the teachers,” he said.

The pillars are, namely Safety, Joy, Health, Ethics, Empathy, Mannerism, Personal Identity, Harmony, Diligence, Meticulous, Skill, Exploration, Rational and Articulation.

“In addition to the current education system, this concept is not a new subject but is a new approach to inculcating and inserting the values into existing syllabus and school activities,” Radzi said.

Therefore, he said, this concept will not overburden the teachers as there are no additional tasks, but to naturally instil these fundamentals where they fit, be it through curricular or co-curricular, integration of both, or school programmes that involve the community.

“The main objective is to nurture the students from the grassroots starting from the preschool level.

“The concept’s outcome will only be seen after a period of time, hence, the application of these elements must be implemented consistently, holistically inside and outside the school,” he said.

Meanwhile, Radzi said MoE will hold discussions with the Election Commission (EC) today on the use of secondary schools in Johor as polling centres in the Johor state election to ensure the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination runs smoothly.

A total of 151 secondary schools will be used as polling centres on March 12, while the SPM examination is scheduled to be held from March 2 to 29.

“Prior to this, preliminary discussions have been held as we are working closely with EC to ensure the SPM examination runs smoothly.

“The tables (in examination halls) have been carefully arranged which took a long time and any disruption on the arrangement and then the need to rearrange them again in one day is not easy as it has its ways and rules,” Radzi said.