Google Reaches Undisclosed Settlement in Discrimination Suit


ALPHABET Inc.’s Google has reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount with Chelsey Glasson, who said she faced discrimination by the search giant after she became pregnant.

Glasson sued Google in 2020 after repeated efforts to report pregnancy discrimination were ignored, she said in October. She estimated her legal fight would cost more than $100,000 and take a heavy toll on her mental health. Glasson said her experience at Google left her with insomnia, panic attacks and heart palpitations.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Glasson confirmed the settlement but didn’t provide details.

Worker welfare and labor relations have become more important at big tech firms in recent times, punctuated by whistle-blower revelations such as those from former Facebook employee Frances Haugen. Glasson has advocated for better protection and resources for whistle-blowers, using her own case as an example of the difficulties they face.