Citrawarna Keluarga Malaysia programme to be held in Sarawak from 24 to 27


The Citrawarna Keluarga Malaysia 2022 programme will be held for four days from Feb 24 at Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak.

The programme, which is held in collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) and the Sarawak government aims to bring the public, especially those in Sarawak, closer to Malaysia’s arts, culture and tourism activities.

MOTAC, in a statement today, said the programme was also held to promote Kuching City that has been recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) as a World Craft City under the field of gastronomy.

Various activities have been drawn up to enliven the event, among them, the Sarawak Drum Festival, Sarawak Craft Festival, Malaysian Textile Craft Fashion Show, a gastronomy exhibition, a treasure hunt, sape concert, fireworks displays and musical water fountain.

The two-hour non-stop sape concert which will be held on a floating stage at the Sarawak River on Feb 27 is a unique element of the programme that will showcase the talents of local sape players and singers, said MOTAC.

Those who have completed their Covid-19 vaccination are invited to attend the programme which will be held from 10am to 11 pm in full compliance with the standard operating procedures set.