Virus Cases in China’s Olympic Bubble Fall Amid Covid Zero Curbs


The number of Covid-19 cases at the Beijing Winter Olympics is dwindling as the closed ecosystem China developed to insulate the event from the virus succeeds in catching and containing them.

Cases found at the city’s international airport and within the bubble have been in the single digits for five straight days, with only two reported on Wednesday. A total of 435 cases have been recorded since Jan. 23 among athletes, coaches and stakeholders, according to a statement released by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games.

China — the last major economy that’s still sticking to a so-called Covid Zero strategy — has kept all Olympics-related personnel in a strictly controlled “closed loop” where everyone has to get a Covid test every day and masks are worn at nearly all times. The aim is to ensure no outbreak in the rest of the world’s No. 2 economy is seeded by travelers from abroad.

“The success of the countermeasures means the success of the games,” Huang Chun, deputy director-general of the office of pandemic prevention and control at the organizing committee, said at a press briefing on Wednesday.